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Board Cutting Machine helps save labour cost?
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At the recently concluded exhibition at Beijing – China print 2017, Shengtong Printing, the first listed book printing enterprise confirmed buying the ST086AA Automatic Board Cutting Machine (Full Line) to become the first one in North China using this machine.

As for this amazing machine, it enjoys great popularity in most of the big printing and packaging presses in South China, one of them has even provided a feedback on this model of saving 6-7 labours, resulting in faster Return on Investment (RoI).

It is a matter of pride to inform you that during China Print 2017 Exhibition, most of our existing (and a few new) customers have confirmed booking for this hot model-ST086AA Automatic Board Cutting Machine (Full Line).
ST086AA Automatic Board Cutting Machine (Full Line) can fully (and automatically) cut the grey board into required size. This machine is equipped with smart operations, accurate running as well as automatic waste & board stacking. It can cut the big format board into the needed size on one go and help realize what we call as real automation. While in the past, 6 workers were needed for this job, but now a single person can run the whole exercise.
Please watch this production line in one of the printing packaging factory in South China, you can view ST086AA Automatic Board Cutting Machine performing all the processes starting from board feeding, cutting, stacking... and the whole process is automatic with absolute stability in production and has helped greatly improve the production efficiency.