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SMARTcase ST2017 Digital Automatic Case Making Machine
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size:3520×2820×2300(mm) 
  • Weight:4500(kg) 
  • Voltage:380/220(V) 
  • Power:18(kw)
  • Speed:10-15(pcs/min)
  • Machine color:red and grey
  • Max case size:680×400(mm)
  • Min case size:215×120(mm)
  • Center board size(X):8-100(mm)
  • Board thickness:1.5-4(mm)
  • Cover thickness:128-250gsm
  • Gutter width:3-17(mm)


  • The whole smart digital function
  • Smart malfunction display
  • Automatic oil lubrication system
  • Smart glue melting system
  • Smart board suction and adjustment system
  • Smart folding device
  • Automatic mould change system requires only 1-5 minutes, which can save the preparation time and improve the working time greatly.
  • Smart board feeding device achieves mould changing intelligently, so it can improve the working efficiency greatly.
  • Smart board suction and adjustment system can change different size intelligently and automatically as per your requirements.
  • Smart folding device can achieve different size products, folding intelligently and automatically.
  • With 4 human-friendly and intelligent board suction device, it can achieve hard case with different size by itself, so it can meet the production order on demand.