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ST040PP+MP Automatic Case Lining Machine+Magnet Pasting
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size:3400X2650X1900(mm)
  • Weight:3100 (kg)
  • Voltage:380/220 (v)
  • Power:3.2 (kw)
  • Speed:10~40 (pcs/min)
  • Mechanical current:10(A)
  • frequency:50(HZ)
  • Machine color:red and grey
  • Max case size:680x360mm
  • Min case size:150x100mm
  • Board thickness:0.5-5mm
  • Paper thickness:70-200gsm
  • Magnet specification:φ 8-20
  • Magnet thickness:4mm
  • Can paste the magnet automatically which reduces the labor cost and increase the profit greatly.
  • Double channel can paste 2 hard covers at the same time, which can improve the output greatly.
  • Obtained national invention patent technology.
  • Computerized functional parameters setup and malfunction display.
  • Auto-complete shaping to ordinary hardcovers, endpaper gluing, two-way leveling, positioning accuracy and speed fast.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system.
  • Cyclical gluing pump device to ensure gluing proportionally.
  • OMRON PLC, man-machine conversation with colorful touch screen, user-friendly setup.
  • Adopt the format changing principle from printing machine, fast-changing and save time.