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ST Box, the new way for package upgrading
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There is a new form box called "ST Box", T shape case with window folded, as well as magnet pasting, can be made by ST Casing Making Machine automatically.


"ST Box", "T  shape" with window folded as well as magnet pasting, can made by ST Case Making Machine automatically.
First, “ST Box” can be unfolded at 180°, so it has the functions of storage, protection and display for the various luxury packaging boxes. 


With such kind of gift box, it has been the revolutionary improvements for the packaging box not only in transportation, but also in storage. This also makes “ST box”meet the packaging demands for the high-low levels and widely applicable for the overall market.
Besides that, “ST Box” can be fully made on ST series models from case making, case lining as well as magnet pasting, which has improved the production efficiency and also saved the production costs greatly.
Last, “ST Box” has successfully solved the utilization problems after packaging, this box can be used for wine and specialty, etc.. After its simple process, you can also make it “ Tissue box” and jewelry box, etc., thus achieving the usage for the second time. 
This box has been the most popular one during Print China and drupa exhibition. ST is always together with customers for solving various kinds of packaging demands for them. Even for this box, ST has obtained the China National Patent Technology and can help to avoid the unhealthy competition among the competitors, and benefits from the industrial upgrading.