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ST097 Pneumatic Creasing Machine
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size  :1100×550×1100(mm
  • Weight    :100(kg )
  • Voltage    :220(v)
  • Speed :1~6(s/pcs)
  • Max.width  :450(mm)
  • Max..height:100(mm)
  • The machine has simple structures, flexible and convenient operation,
  • nice appearance, durable in use and other features, it adopts pneumatic principle,
  • electronic control heat, and cancontrol the time of pressing groove in order to achieve nice appearance
  • coherence for the groove part of all books according to the requirement;
  • to avoid the defect by manual and heavy work pressure;
  • it is applicable for grooving all kinds of hardcover books and notebooks within 450mm width.