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ST1018A+KS Vertical Press Stacker
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size  :1700×1100×1600(mm)
  • Weight    :500(kg )
  • Voltage   :220(v)
  • Power   :0.75(kw )
  • Speed :10000(pcs/h)
  • Max.size   :300×390(mm)
  • Min size    :100×150(mm)
  • This machine has counted to set the sheet numbers.
  • and the paper sheet will be more smooth after processing of pressure and folding,
  • it is applicable for folding machine ,stitching machine,to connect with folding machine,
  • it can improve the folding and binding quality,increase the output during production.
  • with the additional bundling functions, thus help to reduce the labor intensity greatly.