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ST055PE Hot Stamping Machine
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size:4100×2300×2100(mm)
  • Speed:10-60(pcs/min)
  • Max stamping pressure:35(T)
  • Voltage:380(V)
  • Max working power:4.5(KW)
  • Max electric heating power:3.6(KW)
Max case size:660×405(mm).
Min case size:170×100(mm).
Stamping size:420×355(mm).
  •  Automatic cover leveling and stamping to be concave-convex, accurate position, fast speed
  •  Hardcover pressing can rotate at 90°, stamping to be concave-convex for hardcover from different directions
  •  Paper delivery can rotate at 90°, various stamping and save paper
  •  Three groups for paper delivery device, each group can be delivered individually or at the same time, paper length can be adjusted
  •  Stamping head can be adjusted up and down, stamping pressure adjustable, applicable for various thick stamping products,
  •  Independent control device for hardcover pushing, simple structure, 
  • fast speed, stable functions
  •  Convenient for replacing the stamping mould
  •  Intelligent control system for stamping temperature.
  •  Hardcover position device
  •  Automatic oil lubrication system
  •  Safety cover warning system
  •  Whole computerized functions, OMRON PLC colorful touch screenand transducer control system
  •  Taiwan BBM motor, IDELY transducer control system