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ST036B Automatic Hardcover Machine
  • Machine Parameter
  • Technology Parameter
  • Function
  • Overall size :3500×3500×2000(mm) 
  • E-controller size :1120×560×980(mm)
  • Weight :4500kg 
  • Voltage   :380/220V 
  • Power   :10.4kw
  • Speed :10-36(pcs/min)
  • Machine color :red and beige
  • Max case size  :680×400(mm)
  • Min case size  :150×110(mm)
  • for special size   :100x55(mm)
  • Center board size(X):6-100(mm)
  • Board thickness   :1-5(mm)
  • Gutter width(W)   :3-14(mm)
  •  Awarded national patent of vacuum exchange system technology
  •  Whole computerized digital function and malfunction display
  •  Automatic cover gluing, position-setting and side cladding for two grey boards, center paper board
  •  Automatic oil lubrication system 
  •  Fast mould changing system
  •  Intelligent control glue pre-heating device
  •  Number display adjusting device
  •  Glue recycling pump device
  •  Board plate micro-adjusting device
  •  Automatic feeder adjusting device.
  •  Taiwan BBM motor, IDELY transducer control system
  •  Automatic nozzle adjusting device.
  •  Automatic conveyor and cutting device of soft spine paper
  •  OMRON PLC, colorful touch screen and transducer control system
  •  Safety cover warning
  •  Moveable cloth feeder device
  •  Multi-Covers suction feeder device
  •  Irregular board size device (Max7 boards);(optional)
  •  Automatic board feeder device;(optional)
  •  Cover corner cutter.(optional)